Years 3 and 4

Playful Learning

Suitable for children aged five to eight.

At Flying Start Tuition, we understand the benefits of a playful approach to learning.  Children learn so many skills from playing games and interacting face-to face with others.  They learn to listen, to share, to take turns to collaborate and to problem solve.  At the same time games are an effective way of building core maths and English skills – while having fun!

Playful Learning sessions take place at our main tuition centre in Chesham.

Primary English and Mathematics Courses

Suitable for children in years 3 and 4.

Flying Start Primary English and Mathematics courses provide a rigorous grounding in English and maths at a pace and level appropriate for each child.

Course Content

  • English skills covered include reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary building.
  • Maths areas include mental and written arithmetic as well as a range of curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and worded problems.

Courses are held at our main Chesham tuition centre.  We also offer our Combined English and Mathematics course for pupils in years 2 and 3 at our satellite centre in Little Chalfont.

Get Ready for the Eleven Plus

Suitable for pupils in year 4.

With ever growing competition for grammar school places, the Eleven Plus test is tougher than ever before. Our two-year Eleven Plus programme begins with our Get Ready for the Eleven Plus course, designed to give children a head start with their preparation by ensuring their skills are up to a high level before advancing on to our Year Five Eleven Plus course.

Course Content

  • English / Verbal Reasoning.  Includes strategies for tackiling reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocubulary questions.
  • Maths. Includes mental arithmetic skills as well as a range of topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and worded problems.
  • Non-verbal reasoning.  Covers all the main NVR question types that may feature on the 11+ tests.

In addtion, we teach our students a range of NLP to help improve their confidence and concentration.

Useful Information

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For information on lesson format and benefits read How it Works

Free assessments are available prior to booking your chosen course, and can be booked throughout the summer holidays so that your child’s new school year gets off to a flying start!

For course availability and bookings:
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