Years 3 and 4

Primary Foundation Course

Suitable for pupils in years three and four, Flying Start Primary Foundation courses provide a rigorous grounding in English and maths at a pace and level appropriate for each child. English skills covered include reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary building. Maths areas include mental and written arithmetic as well as a range of curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and worded problems.

In addition, through the use of games, problem-solving activities and effective questioning, our Foundation lessons help children to develop their spatial awareness and logical reasoning skills. These are important life skills that can be applied to a range of subjects and situations, enabling children to think creatively and become more autonomous and resilient learners.

Laying Eleven Plus foundations

The new Bucks 11+ test, along with many other entrance exams, assesses children in both maths and English. Our Foundation courses prepare children for these tests by ensuring their skills are up to a good level before they advance onto our Year Five Eleven Plus course. Since our Foundation lessons extend each child's strengths as well as supporting their weaknesses, they stand a far better chance of achieving a higher overall score - of key importance in these increasingly competitive tests. In addition, pupils develop the skills necessary for tackling verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions which also feature in the 11+ tests.