Years 5 and 6

Primary English and Primary Mathematics Courses

The move from primary into secondary education is a huge change and every parent wants their child to make the transition smoothly. Whichever school your child is heading for, this course will help to ensure their core English and maths skills are at the required level and they feel prepared and ready to face the challenges of year seven.

Course content

Through a series of fun and engaging activities, our Primary English and Primary Mathematics courses will boost your child's confidence as well as helping them to develop their independent thinking and logical reasoning. These are important life skills that will enable children to think creatively and become more autonomous and resilient learners - so crucial for the secondary school environment and beyond.

  • English areas covered include writing skills, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary building.
  • Maths areas include mental and written arithmetic as well as a range of curriculum topics such as fractions, decimals, time, money and problem-solving.

These courses also provides excellent preparation for SATs, which children typically take during the spring term of year six. Covering all the key areas assessed in the SATs, as well as giving pupils plenty of practice of test questions, this means they are far more likely to achieve the levels they are aiming for.

In addition, through a series of practical tasks and discussions, students will explore a range of themes designed to increase awareness of their own strengths and individuality and prepare them for the transition to secondary school.

  • Level 5 SATs are required in order to qualify to sit the 12+. SATs results are also used by schools when assigning pupils to sets. This course will help students attain their best possible SATs results.

Useful Information

Primary English and Primary Mathematics courses for years 5 and 6 take place at our main tuition centre in Chesham.

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Free assessments are available prior to booking your chosen course, and can be booked throughout the summer holidays so that your child’s new school year gets off to a flying start!

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