Primary tuition

Strong foundations in English and maths are vital for educational success and the best time to lay these foundations is during the primary years. Whilst schools do the best they can to help children develop these core skills, with class sizes of thirty plus and an increasingly pressurised curriculum, it is simply not possible for teachers to cater for each child's needs. Inevitably, some children get left behind whilst others sit, bored, waiting for the rest to catch up.

At Flying Start, we offer a range of excellent tuition options, including term-time and holiday courses, small group and individual lessons. Using our unique blend of traditional teaching methods, technology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming our courses are designed to be dynamic and fun, boosting confidence and accelerating progress.

Secondary tuition

Is your Secondary school child not quite making the grade? Are you worried he or she may be lacking some important foundations and does he or she seem to be a step behind the rest?

Our Secondary tuition is aimed at giving children in Secondary school a bit of extra help - consolidating core concepts in the most important subjects and ensuring your child is challenged enough and ready to move to the next level.

These courses are planned from our unique programmes of study based on the National Curriculum, which means they closely support the work your child is doing at school. We also use our own tested learning strategies and confidence boosting techniques to help your child to grow into a motivated and independent learner.

Need a little help preparing for GCSEs? We provide small group and one-to-one exam support.

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