Twelve and Thirteen Plus

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering sitting your child for the 12+ or 13+ tests. Often, children taking the 12+ did not qualify at 11+ level, but their parents and teachers feel that they would be best-suited to a grammar school and should have another go at 12+ level. The extra maturity that the additional year or so brings, perhaps coupled with increased determination on the pupil's part often results in a better result the second time round.

Indeed, there is a higher 'pass' rate at 12+ and 13+ level, however, you should bear in mind that there are far fewer grammar school places available and qualification at this stage does not guarantee a school place. In fact, for some schools it is extremely rare to find a place at 12+ or 13+ so it is important to speak to the school and do your research before you enter your child for the exam.

In Buckinghamshire, the tests vary from school to school and parents need to apply directly to the school. Whichever school or schools you are considering, it is important to establish what the requirements are and what is the likelihood of your child achieving a place if they were to attain the qualifying score. It is also worth noting that many grammar schools require pupils to have achieved level 5 in their year six SATs in order to take the 12+.

At Flying Start, we have a good understanding of the 12+ and 13+ entry requirements and exam content of different schools and we are happy to offer advice and support to parents considering the options. We also offer tuition, either on an individual or small group basis, which we tailor to the specific schools for which your child is sitting. For further information and tuition availability, please contact us.