Revision and Practice

Revision and Practice Courses

Essential for keeping up the momentum over the long summer break, Flying Start Revision and Practice courses are designed to consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies. Covering the three areas of English and Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning, this course is suitable for year five pupils who are familiar and fairly confident with all the main question types featured on the Durham CEM papers, as used by Buckinghamshire. It is highly recommended for pupils who have attended one of our Year Five Eleven Plus courses or all three Booster course modules, helping them to maintain their skills over the summer and ensuring they are working at their peak in time for the tests in early September.

Running over five consecutive days, from 10am-3:30pm, pupils will do plenty of practice exercises, brush up on their weaker areas and gain in speed and efficiency when answering questions in timed conditions.

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We also provide wrap-around care enabling you to drop your child off from 8.30am and pick up until 6pm. Please contact us to check availability.