Revision and Practice

Revision and Practice Courses

Flying Start’s Revision and Practice courses are designed to consolidate techniques, improve timing and fine-tune exam strategies - essential for keeping up the momentum during the holidays.  These courses help students maintain and hone their skills over the summer, ensuring they are working at their peak in time for the tests in early September. 

Experience has shown that pupils who attend our Revision and Practice courses perform better in the real exams than those who don’t - so book now to help your child succeed!  

These courses are suitable for Year 5 pupils who are familiar and fairly confident with all the main question types featured on the 11+ test papers. They are highly recommended for students who have attended a Year Five Eleven Plus course or all four Booster course modules.

Course Format

Covering the four areas of English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning, pupils will do plenty of practice exercises, brush up on their weaker areas and gain in speed and efficiency when answering questions in timed conditions.  Confidence-building and stress-busting techniques will also be taught and practised, through a series of fun, interactive activities - ensuring your child has a useful toolkit of strategies to help them do the best they can on the big day.

You may opt to book just one or both Revision and Practice courses. Two courses will give your child the opportunity to practise a greater range of question types. This is particularly important since the recent changes to the Bucks 11+ tests have meant that there are far more potential question types to prepare for and it is not possible to cover everything in one course. Attending both courses will further extend your child’s skills and improve their techniques in a greater variety of question types and topics, thus leading to increased confidence and speed. Two courses are also recommended for students who have started their 11+ practice later in the year; those who struggle with timing or those who find it difficult to study at home.

Taking place from 10am-3.30pm over five consecutive days.


For children who need help with question techniques or are unfamiliar with all the question types, we recommend our Booster courses before attending a Revision and Practice course.


For course availability and bookings:
Tel:     01494 772 898