Holiday Eleven Plus Accelerator Courses

New for 2019!

Flying Start's holiday Accelerator courses are intensive introductory courses suitable for Year 5 pupils sittign the Secondary Transfer (Eleven Plus) test in Buckinghamshire. They are designed for students with little or no prior tution who need to get their skills up to speed in a short space of time.

If you are not sure if these courses are suitable for your child, please contact us for advice.

English Module

The Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests, written by GL Assessment, feature reading comprehension and technical English, which includes assessment of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. This module provides plenty of practice of reading comprehension and literacy exercises such as proof reading and cloze procedure to ensure your child’s core English skills are up to scratch.

Verbal Reasoning Module

The verbal reasoning element of the Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests may include any of a range of question types, including vocabulary exercises, code questions and logical reasoning. This module covers the key verbal reasoning question types that feature on GL Assessment papers as well as boosting that all-important vocabulary.

Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning Module

The Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests include short mental arithmetic questions and longer word-based problem-solving questions. This course is designed to cover a range of key maths topics such as fractions, decimals and percentages, in a range of practice test question formats, as well as strengthening core mental and written arithmetic skills.

Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning Module

Involving reasoning about shapes, patterns and sequences, non-verbal reasoning (NVR) is becoming an increasingly popular form of assessment. This module covers techniques for all the main NVR question types, including 3D questions - any of which could appear on the Bucks Eleven Plus test papers.