Holiday Booster Courses

Covering the core areas of English and Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning which feature on many Eleven Plus tests, our Booster courses are organised into subject modules so that you can choose the appropriate ones for your child. Each module comprises five two-hour sessions spread over five consecutive days. Pupils can attend as many modules as desired. If attending all three modules in one day, students are welcome to bring a packed lunch and stay for the break.

We also provide wrap-around care enabling you to drop your child off from 8.30am and pick up until 6pm. Please contact us to check availability.

English and Verbal Reasoning Module

Many tests involve verbal reasoning and English / literacy based assessments. The Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests, written by Durham CEM, feature verbal reasoning which includes literacy activities such as reading comprehension and cloze procedure. This module provides plenty of practice of verbal reasoning and literacy exercises as well as boosting that all-important vocabulary.

Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning Module

Most Eleven Plus tests involve some degree of numerical reasoning. The new Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests now incorporate a far greater range of maths-based questions than before. This course is designed to cover a range of key maths topics, such as fractions, decimals and percentages, in a range of practice test question formats, as well as strengthening core mental and written arithmetic skills.

Non-Verbal Reasoning Module

Involving reasoning about shapes, patterns and sequences, non-verbal reasoning is becoming an increasingly popular form of assessment and now features in the new Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus tests as well as a number of other counties' Eleven Plus, Twelve Plus and independent schools' entrance exams.