Eleven Plus

Would you like to give your child the best chance of Eleven Plus success?

At Flying Start Tuition, we run a range of popular term-time and holiday courses designed to help every pupil realise their potential. Recently adapted for the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test (11+) as written by GL Assessment.

In addition to preparing pupils for the Eleven Plus, our courses will raise their attainment at school and teach them valuable skills they can use in the future - whichever secondary school they move on to.

Our two-year Eleven Plus Programme is everything you need for Eleven Plus success.

With ever growing competition for grammar school places, the Elven Plus test is tougher than ever before.  Our two-year Eleven Plus programme will strengthen your child’s competency in core subjects, boost their confidence in tackling all question types and teach them how to conquer exam nerves.

Year 4: Get Ready for the Eleven Plus

  • Supports progress in Year 4 through development of core English and maths skills
  • Introduces essential verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills not taught in schools
  • Familiarises pupils with key Eleven Plus question types and techniques
  • Builds knowledge, skills and confidence at a manageable pace

Year 5: Eleven Plus course

  • Consolidates verbal and non-verbal reasoning techniques
  • Covers all question types likely to appear in the Buckinghamshire Eleven Plus
  • Teaches students how to apply English and maths knowledge with speed
  • Embeds techniques and strategies for coping with the Eleven Plus and other exams


Included in the course fees are an extensive range of worksheets, workbooks, help sheets, vocabulary lists and test papers plus a free course folder. In addition to this, all pupils on one of our Year Five Eleven Plus courses receives automatic subscription to our online Learning Platform which contains a wealth of Eleven Plus resources to support your child's learning both during lessons and at home.

For children wanting to start preparation earlier, our Primary Maths and Primary English courses for children in year 3 are ideal for laying strong foundations and enable plenty of time for improving on any weaker areas.

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