Mock Tests

Eleven Plus Mock Test Experience – with same day pupil feedback sessions

Flying Start mock tests are held during the spring and summer holidays and provide the opportunity to sit realistic practice tests in exam conditions. Many children find this experience extremely helpful in alleviating nerves and developing confidence with exam techniques.

Our mock tests are written in-house, by our team of experts, exclusively for Flying Start, so there is no risk of your child sitting the tests elsewhere. There are five sets of papers and your child may sit any number, in any order.  We recommend sitting all five to enable them to experience the full range of question types.

Based on the format of the Bucks Eleven Plus tests, in the style of GL Assessment papers, Flying Start mock papers are consistently reported to be very similar, both in level and appearance, to the real tests. Each mock test includes the following areas:

  • English
  • Verbal reasoning 
  • Mathematics
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Each test comprises two papers, each lasting about 40 minutes, with a break in between. Within each paper there are a number of timed sections.

In keeping with the real 11+ tests, instructions are given by an audio CD and test papers are marked using electronic scanning technology (known as Optical Mark Recognition or OMR) to ensure quick and accurate marking.

Instant feedback

Following the mocks, the test papers will be marked whilst the children have their lunch break. After lunch, children will attend a mock test feedback session, giving them instant feedback and the opportunity to review their answers whilst they are still fresh in their minds.

During these sessions children will review their test papers in small groups, working through solutions with the support of our team. Identification of weaker topics will enable children to focus constructively on these areas, helping them to improve their scores in future tests.


Mock tests will take place at either Bellingdon and Asheridge Village Hall, Little Chalfont Methodist Church Hall or Berryfields Primary School. Please check the venue stated on the booking form for each mock test.