Year 5 Eleven Plus Students say “I CAN”!

Posted on October 31st, 2017

At Flying Start we believe that education should be fun and that children achieve more when they are confident and self-motivated. So we are very excited to offer our Year 5 Eleven Plus students something a little different at the beginning of the Autumn Term – Connect 2 Colour workshops.

The Connect 2 Colour team share our ethos and approach to education, with a strong focus on unleashing the potential of each child.  Like us, they understand that a child’s confidence and self-belief are essential to unlocking this potential.

Delivered by Sally Webb, Founder of Connect 2 Colour, the “I CAN” sessions are specially developed for the Flying Start 11+ programme, and give the children and tutors an experience which will help them to get get to know each other and bond as a learning group. 

No “artistic flair” is required, allowing the children to all start from a level playing field.  The children learn a unique painting technique that unlocks creativity beyond their own expectations when they follow the steps to learning correctly.  This develops the children’s “soft” skills in communication, harmony, achievement, team work and self-esteem, and results in a unique piece of artwork.

How can getting creative help prepare for the Eleven Plus?

The Eleven Plus exam requires pupils to have a high level of understanding of different academic subjects.  Children need to answer multiple questions in a pressurised situation.  This pressure can often have an adverse effect on their self-esteem which in turn can affect their learning ability.

The “I CAN” workshops aim to develop pupils’ understanding of themselves as learners and to develop a pro-active and robust approach to their own development – leading to improved outcomes and healthier mental health, key skills for coping with the Eleven Plus exam. 

Connect 2 Colour Workshop 2017

Sian Goodspeed, Managing Director at Flying Start, says “The workshops are linked to your brain, how you learn and your uniqueness, and fit perfectly with Flying Start's ethos of treating every child as an individual.  We don’t just teach subject matter, our aim is to empower our students with self-belief and independent thinking.”

Connect 2 Colour workshops are just one example of Flying Start’s commitment to supporting each child’s emotional wellbeing and growth as well as their academic progress.  Each of our courses combine traditional teaching methods with self-development  techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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