Tutoring: How safe is your child?

Posted on January 26th, 2016

Choosing the right tutor for your child is not easy. Not only do you need to ensure the tutor has the right knowledge and experience, but you also need to know that your child will be in safe hands.

Alarmingly, there are no legal requirements or regulations for tutors or tuition companies in the UK, which means anyone can set up as a private tutor.

Many tutors work from their own home, with parents leaving their child alone in their house. Other tutors pay home visits which invariably means the child will work in a room on their own with the tutor. Whilst the majority of tutors will be genuine and trustworthy, there is, unfortunately a potential child welfare issue in these scenarios so it is crucial you do your research to ensure you are not putting your child at risk.

Voluntary Ofsted registration

At Flying Start Tuition we want you to feel 100% sure that your child is in safe hands. That is why we applied for voluntary registration with Ofsted (the regulatory body for childcare providers and schools in the UK).

We obtained Ofsted registration in February 2014 and had our first inspection last month. We are proud to announce that we have fully met all the requirements to remain on the Ofsted register and the Ofsted inspector reported that she was impressed with our attention to detail and the quality of our setting.

Safety requirements for voluntary Ofsted registration

Meeting the Ofsted requirements means we have robust policies and training in place to safeguard the children in our care. These include:

  • All staff members are DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) checked. The Disclosure & Barring Service perform a DBS check to make sure there is no known reason why they may not work with children or vulnerable adults.
  • The premises and equipment are safe and suitable for children.
  • We have an appropriate number of first aiders on the premises for the children in our care.
  • We do not use corporal punishment.
  • All our staff have safe guarding and health and safety training.
  • No child is ever left alone in a building with only one adult.

Tutoring: How safe is your child? Safety checklist for parents:

  • Ask to see the tutor's DBS certificate and teaching qualification.
  • Ask if the tutor or tutoring body is registered with Ofsted.
  • If you are using a tutoring agency, find out what checks are carried out before the tutors are offered work.
  • Ask for details of referees and parents of current students and follow them up with a phone call.
  • Find out where the tutoring will take place and who will be present.
  • If any other adults (eg. the tutor's spouse) will be present, do they also have an up-to-date DBS check?
  • Trust your own and your child's instincts - if in doubt, walk away.

To find out more about Flying Start Tuition - our courses, our approach and how we ensure the safety of the children in our care, contact us today.