Power Up Learning!

Posted on September 10th 2018

Many children dream of possessing a super power but few know that they already have one... The ability to learn! A skilled learner will be able to do anything they turn their minds to. Well, perhaps not leap over tall buildings in a single bound -  but they can expand their horizons, navigate problems and achieve their highest ambitions.

Just like a superhero must master their powers, your child must develop his or her learning abilities. Our tips below will help you to guide your child through harnessing their power.

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Refer a Friend!

Posted on August 13th 2018

Then why not refer a friend….and earn free tuition vouchers for your own child!

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Term Dates 2018 - 19

Posted on July 24th 2018

1st Half:

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Essential Oils: Improve your child’s health, concentration and stress levels

Posted on July 9th 2018

There’s a lot of buzz these days about essential oils. Many people are looking for natural solutions to support their family’s health and wellness in all areas and are turning to what nature has provided in the form of essential oils. Nature was man’s first remedy; everything we need can be found there.

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Getting to grips with non-verbal reasoning

Posted on May 11th 2018

Non-verbal reasoning (NVR) is becoming an increasingly common form of assessment. It appears in the Buckinghamshire 11+ tests as well as the 11+ and 12+ exams in several other counties and in many independent schools’ entrance exams. NVR is used to assess how well a child can analyse visual information and use visual logic to solve problems, without the need for language skills.

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