Its competition time!

Posted on April 19th 2018

We are proud sponsors of the Lowndes Slide, taking place taking place on May 6th 2018 in aid of local charities The Theatre Shed and Bank Farm RDA.  For the first time ever in Chesham you have the chance to ride down a 100 metre water slide, the entire length of Lowndes Park.

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Brain Boosting Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Posted on March 21st 2018

On rushed school mornings, when vital items of school uniform have gone astray and undone pieces of homework have magically appeared in their place, having time to prepare a nutritious, filling breakfast for the kids can seem an impossible dream. However, research consistently shows that what a child eats for breakfast can impact their academic performance, particularly their ability to process and remember facts. Here are three tasty, no-fuss breakfast ideas that will give your child the brain fuel they need to tackle the school day.

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Building Confidence Through a Growth Mind Set

Posted on December 19th 2017

Children who have a growth mindset tend to engage with subjects and activities more than those children who worry about “not being good enough.”  The good news is a growth mindset can be achieved through practice and encouragement.

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Changes to Bucks 11+ Tests Confirmed

Posted on December 1st 2017

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Posted on November 24th 2017

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