Our Philosophy

Effective learning

At the heart of the Flying Start approach lies our firm belief that education should be fun and that children achieve more when they are confident and self-motivated. We deliver high quality tuition, combining traditional teaching methods with an innovative mix of technology and techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Growth Mind Set. Our aim is to instil in all our pupils self-belief and independent thinking - we don't just teach our pupils subject matter; we teach them how to learn and how to be more confident beings. These are skills they will have for life.

Flying Start lessons are based upon our dynamic learning programmes, which use a varied range of teaching resources and strategies to suit the individual needs of each pupil. Ongoing assessment monitors each child's progress, ensuring that the pace and content of each session is appropriate. Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning and are required to self-evaluate and reflect on how each lesson has gone.

Working together

We believe that working with parents is key to a child's success and we offer comprehensive advice as to how parents can support their children, via information evenings and regular dialogue. Ongoing feedback is provided in the form of weekly report sheets and our door is always open if a parent wishes to discuss their child's progress at other times.

Motivating pupils

We motivate our pupils using verbal praise and by helping them to adopt a 'can do' attitude to education. Our comprehensive behaviour policy provides pupils with clear boundaries and consistency which encourages them to take ownership of their learning. We also use a rewards system of stickers, certificates and prizes that motivates students and acknowledges their achievements.